What is laser gum recontouring?

Do you struggle with uneven gum lines?

Written by: Dr. Nijam

July 05, 2021

Gum lines are different for everyone. Although a gummy smile might look good on others, it can also affect one’s self-consciousness. Uneven gum lines can be corrected via laser gum contouring. Open to read more:

Gum lines are different for everyone—some are high, some are low, some are in between and some are uneven. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Genetics and environmental causes such as mouth breathing are some of the common reasons. The usage of some medications such as nifedipine (anti-hypertensive) and phenytoin (anti-epileptic) are other causes that may contribute to the excess gum tissue.

Our gum lines are part of what defines our smile. For some people, having uneven gum lines or a gummy smile can make them feel self-conscious. Excess gum tissue can also give the illusion of having smaller teeth that may not compliment the smile. There are plenty of ways to overcome this. If your uneven gums are stopping you from showing off that beautiful smile, you might want to consider having laser gum contouring as one of the available options.

What is laser gum contouring?


Laser gum contouring, or also known as gingival sculpting, is a dental procedure that reshapes your gum line by removing excess gum tissue around your teeth. This procedure not only improves the cosmetics of the smile but can also improve the general maintenance of the gums by removing excess gum tissue that may contribute to poor oral hygiene.

Laser gum contouring with the Waterlase is a fast, efficient and comfortable way to remove excess gum tissue. The Waterlase uses water, air and laser energy to gently vaporise the excess gum tissue. This not only helps to seal the wound while killing off the bacteria but also brings greater precision and less trauma to the gum tissue.


The procedure is carried out with minimal downtime where off-the-counter pain relief medication is sufficient to manage any discomfort. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic with a numbing cream which makes the actual procedure relatively pain free.

A similar procedure can also be carried out to resolve hyperpigmentation (dark gums). Sometimes, gum hyperpigmentation can be mistaken to be due to smoking, however, this is a non-smoking related cause. If you have always disliked the dark colour of your gums, the Waterlase can be used to remove the pigmentation in the gums.

Benefits of laser gum contouring


Laser gum contouring also doesn’t require cutting, stitches, and sutures. What this means is that the procedure is relatively painless and requires a shorter healing time.

All in all, laser gum contouring is a very safe procedure. So, if you are looking to correct your gummy smile or uneven gum lines, you can book an appointment with us at Coast Dental!


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