We understand a dental visit can be surrounded by feelings of anxiety in some of us. which is why we created Coast Dental around the theme of the ocean and relaxation.

26 Oct 2020

10th Oct—World Mental Health Day Coping with Mental Health & Covid-19

Don’t ‘isolate’ isolate yourself.

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03 Oct 2020

What are dentures and tips to maintain it?

Take care of your dentures like your own teeth

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13 Sep 2020

How bad is food pocketing in children?

Is it a cause for concern?

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10 Sep 2020

Just an Ulcer or could it be Oral Cancer?

Should your ulcer worry you?

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03 Sep 2020

Your Child is Addicted to Toothpaste: What Should You Do?

It’s for their teeth, not their belly

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21 Aug 2020

World Humanitarian Day: Here’s how you can give back to our frontliners

Big or small—we invite any kind of support you can give!

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17 Aug 2020

5 common myths about gum disease

Let’s dispel those gum myths you are believing

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04 Aug 2020

7 Everyday habits that can ruin your teeth

You could be doing it unknowingly

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21 Feb 2020

Teeth Whitening

It is perfectly normal for you to want a bright and white smile like a celebrity to boost your self-confidence.  Our teeth naturally become darker and yellowish as we age especially together with  lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee, tea, coke, red wine and smoking, which will result in more dull and yellowish discoloured teeth. … Continue reading “Teeth Whitening”

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10 Feb 2020

Dental Implants

Do you have any missing teeth? If you have one or more missing teeth, it will not only affect your appearance but could also affect other healthy teeth as a result of the biting forces being spread over a lesser number of teeth. This can lead to cracking or fracture of other teeth resulting in … Continue reading “Dental Implants”

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09 Jan 2020

The Harmful Effects of Mouth Breathing

The benefits of breathing through the nose is that the fine hairs present inside the nose acts as a filter to prevent unwanted particles from entering the lungs. Breathing through the nose also helps to warm and humidify the air which is inhaled. When breathing through the mouth, the benefits of nasal breathing is lost. … Continue reading “The Harmful Effects of Mouth Breathing”

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28 Sep 2019

Why Some Old Fillings Could Be Doing More Harm To Your Tooth?

A filling is needed when bacteria in your mouth has caused a decay in your tooth. The decay is then removed and a filling is placed. However, a filling is only beneficial if it continues to protect the tooth. Over time some fillings may begin to have gaps in between and bacteria can easily get … Continue reading “Why Some Old Fillings Could Be Doing More Harm To Your Tooth?”

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28 Sep 2019

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Your smile often says a lot about your personality. In today’s highly competitive world there is no saying how important a first impression can be. Whether you want to make a good first impression to ace your job interview, impress your clients or to turn that first date into a second date with that special … Continue reading “What is Cosmetic Dentistry?”

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28 Sep 2019

Creating Beautiful LITTLE Smiles

Preventive dentistry is the foundation of modern dentistry. Most dental diseases have no symptoms till advanced stages of disease. As dentists we often tell our adult patients to visit a dentist every 6 months for an oral check to detect diseases early and to prevent these diseases from progressing to advanced oral diseases. Detecting dental … Continue reading “Creating Beautiful LITTLE Smiles”

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